Sunday, March 12, 2006


咏梅 高启

琼枝只合在瑶台, 谁向江南处处栽。

雪满山中高士卧, 月明林下美人来。

寒依疏影萧萧竹, 春掩残香漠漠苔。

自去何郎无好咏, 东风愁绝几回开。

An Ode to Plum

Plum, your jade-like branches should only belong to the sacred temple on the moon, who moved you here in the south as mundane as others everywhere?

In snow-covered mountains, you lie there as elegantly as a wise man. On full moon night come from forest you like a fair lady.

Winter accompanies your lonely shadow echoing the shuddering bamboos, spring tries in vain to hide the remains of your light fragrant.

After Poet He has gone, no qualified ode has been written for you, you still stand there years after years, withering in the melancholy early spring wind.

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Philippe said...

thanks a lot for this translation.
Do you have an idea for Gao Qi's second poem :
I am translating a novel where this poem is and I need some help.
Philippe (France)