Monday, January 15, 2007

Frugal with Froogle

Usually I don't buy CDs in bulk. The pleasure of finding treasurable CDs at reasonable price can only be obtained through patience and luck. In general, I don't mind those re-issued CDs. After all, it is the music I am looking for, not the cover or manufacturer.

But when CDs which are usually marked for more than 15 dollars are sold for a little bit more than THREE dollars, I have no intention to be frugal.

When I searched Thomas Quasthoff CDs from Froogle last week, I found out J&R were selling them for two dollars. After a few keywords search, I effortlessly found several other for two dollars each. I grabbed ten at one time, the bill said 31 dollars including 2-day UPS shipping when I checked out.

It turned out that J&R mispriced those CDs. When I went back after about two hours, those CDs went up to $12.99.

Somehow I regreted that I only got ten CDs, but the order probably would have been canceled if I had been more aggressive.

Thanks J&R for their keeping order through.


yuxulangjun said...
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leazhw said...

They shipped your order? What a nice company.